My resumé is current to date, and contains information regarding my education, teaching experience, professional activities, performance experience and other information pertaining to my entire musical background.


Music is a universal language and a language on its own. Like every other language, a student of music must master the basics before being able to advance to more complex application. I sincerely believe that a well-rounded musical education helps the students not only develop an identity of what music means to them, but also, helps the students in their own personal development. For these reasons I incorporate all areas of musicianship – theory, technique, ear-training, sight-reading, performance, and more – into my teaching strategy.

Bearing in mind that each student is unique and has their own unique learning style and preferences, I do my best to approach each student in a way that is challenging and beneficial to their growth according to their needs and potential.




There are certain guidelines to which I ask my students to adhere regarding missed lessons, the billing process and late fees. These guidelines should be consistently maintained. Currently my monthly rates are as follows:

                                                30 minute lesson        $40.00/ea.

                                                45 minute lesson        $55.00/ea.

                                                60 minute lesson        $70.00/ea.

I recommend that students reserve at least one session per week. These are flat fees to reserve your, or your child’s, weekly lesson, whether or not you choose to attend or miss. Fees are charged by the month and are due on the 7th each month to reserve the month’s lessons.




All fees for monthly lessons are due no later than the 7th of each month. If you would like to receive an email, text or telephone call reminder [for the next month’s dues] during the last week of each month, please inform me or my assistant.

I sincerely appreciate your thoughtfulness in making payments on time. Late payments disrupt my personal billing as well as personal income. In that light, I have implemented a $10.00 late fee assessment for any payments received after the 7th of the month. I hope we can do our best to avoid these charges.




I will not assume financial responsibility for a student’s absence(s). Monthly rates are flat fees and cannot be lowered or refunded for missed lessons.

If, for some reason, a lesson must be missed, please notify me at least one week (or not less than 24 hours if possible) in advance. Please be certain to do so by telephone as e-mail is not always reliable for short notice. In these instances, and in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as an emergency, the student has two weeks within which to schedule “make-ups”. After the two week period has passed the “make-up” opportunity for the missed lesson(s) is no longer valid.




In the event a student and/or parent decides to discontinue with lessons at any time, I ask for a written notice two (2) weeks in advance of the intended date of cancellation. Kindly deliver the notice to me in person or by mail (followed with a phone call). The student/parent is financially responsible for the two weeks of lessons following the notice, whether or not the student chooses to attend.




Please ensure to turn off or silence any and all electronic devices when you enter the studio for lessons. If you are expecting an important call, or in the case of emergency, please notify me at the start of the lesson.




Regular attendance is the student’s (and parent’s) responsibility. Again, I will not assume financial responsibility for absence(s) due to illness, weather, sports, etc. Should the missed lesson result from my own inability to attend, the month’s regular fee will then be reduced by that particular amount.




There are only three national holidays for which the studio will be closed, and for which there will be no rate reduction: New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. I will be available for lessons on all other national holidays for those who choose to be here. If you will be gone on a national holiday, please let me know at least two weeks in advance so that I may adjust my schedule to better accommodate those students who will be here.

In the event you notify me in advance, we can make arrangements to reschedule the lesson for a date within the following two weeks.




Piano lessons continue as usual during the summer months; this is a private piano studio, and does not follow any type of "academic school year". If you and/or your family will be out of town at any time during the summer, please let me know at least two (2) months in advance so that I may adjust my teaching schedule.

If a student will be taking the entire summer off, such student's time slot may be reserved by paying for the time slot in full and in advance. I do not recommend missing the entire summer; however, since the student will lose so much progress during the hiatus. Nevertheless, I will offer the time slot to another student unless the full fee is paid to reserve the time slot until the fall.




I shall determine which music books and supplies should be purchased and make recommendations on different suppliers from which you can purchase your materials.




Learning the necessary skills to become proficient at the keyboard will not occur by simply going to piano lessons. It takes committed practice on a daily basis during the week to put skills covered at the lesson into motion. Sufficient scheduled practice time on a daily basis is the surest guarantee that you, or your child, will experience consistent progress at the piano. Consistent progress results in pride, satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment!

Learning the Parental support is an extremely important factor in musical training. Children whose parents take an active and honest interest in their child's progress tend to be more productive. In some cases, especially when the child feels more confident or enthusiastic with the parent present, I may urge a parent to attend the weekly lesson(s)--this way, the parent is also better equipped to assist his/her child with home practice sessions. In other cases, though, it might be best for the parent to refrain from sitting in on the lesson, especially if the student is more self-conscious or stressed to have their parent present. I will make recommendations based on the performance of each student; I hope that you will fully trust my judgment in this matter.




Although this is a private piano studio, and is not affiliated with any school district, it is no less an educational institution and I hope you will consider it as such. It is my position that piano lessons are to be treated with the same level of importance as any other subject your child may be studying in school. Kindly note that sporting events and other extracurricular activities are not considered valid excuses for not practicing during the week. Please respect my curriculum and my commitment to your child's musical education by maintaining a priority level for piano studies equal to that of other school subjects.




During the year, several performance opportunities are made available to all students. These events provide pupils with further incentive to practice and excel, and can have a positive effect on a student's sense of accomplishment. Our recitals are most often hosted in a residential setting.

Recitals build confidence and reinforce the concept that good practice habits result in good pianists. Students are encouraged to participate in each recital and are assigned their respective pieces well in advance, giving them sufficient time to prepare.

Performers should be at the facility no later than 20 minutes before the beginning of the recital if they wish to rehearse before we begin with the program. We hope that students and their families will remain for the duration of the entire recital to ample audience and respect for all performers.




Each year, there may be various organizations that provide educational and competitive opportunities for qualified students. If a student is interested in those events, please let me know and I will do my best to support you. Bear in mind that these opportunities require a high level of determination, more serious practice habits and the ability to perform in a competitive arena with a high level of confidence and intensity. Deadlines are imposed and must be strictly adhered to. Students who commit to such events must be "performance-ready" by the deadline or are usually asked to withdraw. Please seriously consider, then, if you feel you possess the necessary maturity, discipline, talent and temperament to participate in such events.




Please park in the Church’s parking lot located directly across the street from my apartment.

If you choose to park on the street, please be sure to take note of the parking restrictions and note time limitations on your parking meter.




The piano studio is part of my private residence, and must always be regarded and respected as such. I ask that you kindly remove your shoes when you enter the apartment at all times. If you would like to arrange for lessons to take place at your residence I will be happy to discuss and do my best to accommodate this option.




As a piano instructor, I support and care for all of my students and their families in a very special way. One-to-one education is very concentrated, and the bond between teacher and student can grow quite strong. Nevertheless, I reserve the right to terminate a student's lessons for the following reasons:

  1. Inappropriate behavior toward me on the part of the student. This includes violent outbursts, swearing, defamation of character, unacceptable advances or any other displays which fall outside the realm of common respect and decency.

  2. Inappropriate behavior toward me on the part of a student's parent(s). This includes all of the above.

  3. Attendance at lessons in any type of intoxicated state.

  4. Failure to pay monthly lessons in full.

Each student is entitled to his/her privacy during lessons--please work to extend to one another this very important courtesy. Further, please be prompt in picking up your child after his/her lesson if you must be absent during that time.

Lesson time must remain as focused as possible--siblings are welcome to attend provided they remain still and quiet. It is very difficult and tense if I have to teach while a sibling is walking/running/jumping around and making various noises during a lesson. Please take the initiative to remove a sibling from the studio should this situation begin to arise.


Thank you for taking the time to read and understand my studio policy. I hope that if you have any questions or concerns you will contact me for further discussion. I look forward to working with you! 


Angel Fereshteh Ajdari

Culver City, CA




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